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I'd absolutely love to hear from you.  I'm a lovely, friendly person who loves to chat about craft and particularly crochet and dressmaking.

Started in June 2013, EmmaAnneMade is growing!  There's lots of ways that you can be involved.

Button Swap

I will make a blog button for you! If this is something you would be interested in, just email me a picture for your button and I'll fix the html for you. After I've created a blog button for you, we can display each other's on our blogs and help each other out. Check out my blog buttons in my sidebar.

Blog Love Page

I also have a special blog love page which I am currently in the process of updating.  If you would like to display a link to switch links, then let me know and I'll make sure you are added in!

Featured Sellers/Products

I also love to promote handmade/crafty products.  If you have a product or craft shop that you'd like me to feature please do get in touch.  As an example, I previously featured a seller in one of my most popular all-time posts.

Any featured products are ones that I genuinely like and fit with the theme of the blog. Some items are provided as gifts from brands. These are labelled with an asterix (*).  

Guest Posts

I also love to guest post and am happy to have other people guest post for EmmaAnneMade.  Go on share the blogger love!

Please do get in touch!

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