Monday, 25 January 2016

How To Turn a Tie Into a Bow Tie

Here I am with my first finished project of's taken a wee while to kickstart my crafting mojo this year but I am pleased to announce that I've just turned a couple of my colleague's ties into bow ties. Yay!

He seems to have made a New Year's Resolution to wear more bow ties (if I primary teacher can't pull off a bow tie at work, who can right?) and he told me he'd spotted this tutorial on Pinterest. A couple of days later, he'd given me a couple of his ties and I took myself out for a wee coffee date and a bit of stitching.
The tutorial is super easy to follow but it turns out that some ties have a pretty padded lining and one of the bow ties in particular turned out to be super bulky. If you do use this tutorial I'd really recommend using a slightly thinner tie or trying to take out the lining before you start turning it into a bow tie. Really fun and easy tutorial though - I would recommend.
What's been your first project of 2016?


  1. I got my hubby a tie for 50p from the charity shioo and my friend made it into a bow tie and top pocket hankie for him. Its a breast idea.
    I'm still organising and sorting so I've only done a litte wall hanging as yet Emma

  2. They look really sweet, my first project has been brightening up my craft room.


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