Friday, 7 August 2015

Surname Bunting

Hiya everyone. How are you all at the moment? I'm back home after spending a few days in Scotland with my mum, sister and puppy. We mainly spent time pottering about the place hoping for sunshine. The sun finally came out yesterday when we wandered round a cute wee arty, fishing village called Pittenweem. They had a fairly sizeable Arts Festival going on and we wandered in and out of the cute wee houses and buildings looking at interesting things. 
Last Saturday, Steve and I went to our friends' wedding party. The sun shone, cakes were eaten, prosecco was consumed and a big game of croquet was undertaken. I will just add at this point that I was on the winning croquet team - all the skills learnt during crazy golf matches when I was little seemed to transfer nicely across - yay! As a wee token gift, I made the happy couple a string of crocheted bunting with some of my pastel, acrylic DK wool and felt.
I crocheted the triangles using this free pattern from Ruby and Custard, a cute wee shop selling handmade crochet items. It's a while since I've crocheted something and I have to say I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. The pattern is in US terms but well written and nice and straightforward.
Although I chose to just do a one row border for my triangles there are some examples with multi-coloured borders elsewhere online. If you've looking for colour inspiration, look no further than Attic 24's jolly festive bunting - just beautiful. 
I made my lettering templates by finding an alphabet that I liked on google images then carefully tracing the letters from my computer screen onto the paper. I put the letters on back-to-front on the felt before drawing then cutting round them to make sure any pen marks were on the back. 
Finally, I stitched on the letters with embroidery thread and normal running stitch and then steam blocked the triangles with an iron so they stayed nice and flat. This was actually the first time I've blocked my crochet work and I have to say I'm never going back now! I'm pretty made up with the final product and would totally recommend the pattern from Ruby and Custard.


  1. This is so cute, I love those colours. And Pittenweem is one of my favourite places, I've decided I need to live there one day haha!

    1. Isn't it gorgeous! I loved poking my nose in al the pretty houses at the festival! x


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