Saturday, 29 August 2015

Spotty Vintage Dress Makeover

At the beginning of the summer holidays I like to take myself for an expedition round the charity shops to find some things to get creative with during my time off. This year, I found this dress for £3 in a Cancer Research branch and loved the colour so much that I had see if I could alter it.

It's a Canda vintage size 12 which after a bit of googling turned out to be from C&A. Remember that shop!? I set to work by turning the whole thing inside out and ripping out the old broken elastic from the waistband. Then I took in the side seams by about a centimetre on each side before zig zag stitching some new elastic in. After lopping and hemming a whole load off the bottom it looked like this...

I love the fact that this dress is going to do me in winter with black tights and a cosy cardigan and in summer with sandals, heels or flip flops. In fact last weekend we had a BBQ on Saturday in the amazing 30 degree heat and it served me pretty well then. I also wore it with "sensible shoes" (mint green converse-style primark numbers) for my driving lesson yesterday. Perfect for any occasion!
Have you ever reworked a vintage dress?


  1. It is a very pretty print. You did a great job. It would also look fabulous with a wide white belt and white heels.

  2. hi,
    vintage modellerini çok beğeniyorum . sizinki harika olmuş very nice:)


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