Monday, 31 August 2015

August @ EmmaAnneMade

August Moments

Me, Steve and Becky @ St Andrews Castle // Drying out shells from the beach to decorate our bathroom // Pretty bicycle @ Pittenweem Arts Festival // Wedding anniversary white chocolate and raspberry fondue 

I'm pretty much in love with August. How could any teacher not be? A full month off work and still getting a pay check at the end of the month? Yes please. It's been great just to live life at a bit of a slower pace than usual. I've had time to go training for my 10k. I've had time to catch up with people. I've had time to make things whenever I want. 

August Makes

Surname Bunting // Foxy Bag // Bettine Skirt // Vintage Dress Makeover

August Blog Love

I've loved catching up with various blog posts, including...

...this post by Jen from the Grainline Studio about the difficulties of writing finished project posts. I don't love taking my on picture but I really want to have a record of all the lovely things I've made so it was interesting hearing what someone else thinks.

Linked to this, I also liked this post from the Sewaholic site with tips for blogging finished projects.

I fell in love with Tilly's Jersey Bettine. After the semi-success of my first Bettine adventure, there will be more on this soon...

August Pins

I've also spent rather a long time on Pinterest falling in love with these cute colourful images...
Crochet elephant tutorial (you'd need to use google translate) // Totally agree with this // Beach hut card from Pootle // Great image from here
Fat bottomed bag pattern (it's one giant granny square!) // Gorgeous vintage dress from KingsArtsAndVintage // Grey, mauve and floral outfit from JennifHsieh

So that's your lot for August. It's chucking it down with rain here, I guess thats summer over for another year. I'm spending my last day of holiday painting our bathroom and trying to savour every moment before the chaos of a new term begins. Thank you for reading my blog this month!


  1. How nice to see some glimpses of Fife and St Andrews. That is where I was a student, a long time ago.

  2. Long summers are definitely one of the perks of being a teacher, i'm glad you've made the most of yours! Gorgeous pictures :) x

  3. Enjoy the rest of your break. I am not looking forward to the rush of school runs and getting organised for work at the same time I must admit so I am relishing my little break and enjoying spending time with my girls.
    I shall look at the blogs you have shared and do a little blog hop.
    I have not looked at pinterest for a while but last night my eyes were popping at the ideas on there xxxxx

  4. I hope you are well rested and ready for the back to school madness - it looks like you've actually been pretty busy!
    I read the article from the Grainline project with interest - there I was thinking it was just me!
    You know that pinterest is specifically designed for you to spend time on falling in love with cute colourful images don't you? - I think that is their mission statement!

  5. Your collection of shells is beautiful. I can see it going well with the sea urchin that Ginx craft posted on Handmade Monday! I also love your eye for pinterest collections. Very sweet indeed!

  6. Great pictures, sounds like a lovely August:) I spend far too long on Pinterest!!

  7. I'm another one with fond memories of St Andrews. I love Pinterest too but it's too easy to lose several hours!


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