Monday, 31 August 2015

August @ EmmaAnneMade

August Moments

Me, Steve and Becky @ St Andrews Castle // Drying out shells from the beach to decorate our bathroom // Pretty bicycle @ Pittenweem Arts Festival // Wedding anniversary white chocolate and raspberry fondue 

I'm pretty much in love with August. How could any teacher not be? A full month off work and still getting a pay check at the end of the month? Yes please. It's been great just to live life at a bit of a slower pace than usual. I've had time to go training for my 10k. I've had time to catch up with people. I've had time to make things whenever I want. 

August Makes

Surname Bunting // Foxy Bag // Bettine Skirt // Vintage Dress Makeover

August Blog Love

I've loved catching up with various blog posts, including...

...this post by Jen from the Grainline Studio about the difficulties of writing finished project posts. I don't love taking my on picture but I really want to have a record of all the lovely things I've made so it was interesting hearing what someone else thinks.

Linked to this, I also liked this post from the Sewaholic site with tips for blogging finished projects.

I fell in love with Tilly's Jersey Bettine. After the semi-success of my first Bettine adventure, there will be more on this soon...

August Pins

I've also spent rather a long time on Pinterest falling in love with these cute colourful images...
Crochet elephant tutorial (you'd need to use google translate) // Totally agree with this // Beach hut card from Pootle // Great image from here
Fat bottomed bag pattern (it's one giant granny square!) // Gorgeous vintage dress from KingsArtsAndVintage // Grey, mauve and floral outfit from JennifHsieh

So that's your lot for August. It's chucking it down with rain here, I guess thats summer over for another year. I'm spending my last day of holiday painting our bathroom and trying to savour every moment before the chaos of a new term begins. Thank you for reading my blog this month!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Spotty Vintage Dress Makeover

At the beginning of the summer holidays I like to take myself for an expedition round the charity shops to find some things to get creative with during my time off. This year, I found this dress for £3 in a Cancer Research branch and loved the colour so much that I had see if I could alter it.

It's a Canda vintage size 12 which after a bit of googling turned out to be from C&A. Remember that shop!? I set to work by turning the whole thing inside out and ripping out the old broken elastic from the waistband. Then I took in the side seams by about a centimetre on each side before zig zag stitching some new elastic in. After lopping and hemming a whole load off the bottom it looked like this...

I love the fact that this dress is going to do me in winter with black tights and a cosy cardigan and in summer with sandals, heels or flip flops. In fact last weekend we had a BBQ on Saturday in the amazing 30 degree heat and it served me pretty well then. I also wore it with "sensible shoes" (mint green converse-style primark numbers) for my driving lesson yesterday. Perfect for any occasion!
Have you ever reworked a vintage dress?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bettine Top and Skirt

I'm pretty sure that at least 99% or those reading this will have been watching the lovely versions of Tilly's latest patterns appear on Instagram and Pinterest. If not, have a quick sneaky peak. I pretty much spent two weeks incessantly following the #sewingbettine hashtag. Then when I read the description of the Bettine dress as easy and "throw over your head", I was sold.

I found some very cheap teal fabric in a charity shop in St Andrews, checked my measurements and double checked my measurements and cut a size 3. Sewing-based disaster. On trying it on, it was far from "throw it over your head". I wiggled my way in but it was just too small. Boo! This is why, ladies, people make toiles. I did read up a bit about doing bust adjustments etc but to be honest once I'd sewn the skirt panels together, I realised there was no way I was going to be throwing them over my head either.

I did read up a bit about doing bust adjustments etc but to be honest once I'd sewn the skirt panels together, I realised there was no way I was going to be throwing them over my head either. I've ended up passing the top half onto my wee sis and I've turned the bottom half into a rather beautiful but bum-skimming pencil skirt.
I'm actually kind of pleased with the outcome and looking forward to my next Bettine adventure soon, but if you have any idea of what I did wrong please let me know!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Foxy Bag

I could so completely get used to the school holidays. Yesterday I went to the optician, popped into my new classroom, went for a cheeky Wetherspoons lunch, came home, did a touch of school work, made some sausage and lentil casserole before pub quizzing it up in the evening. Who has time for teaching in amongst a schedule like that?

At the weekend I got the train down to Brighton for her hen do. We tasted wine, sketched inflatable man dolls, ate the most amazing risotto in the world, drank cocktails, danced, slept, wandered on the pier, ate icecream, sunbathed and ate fish and chips. It was a fabby weekend and great for the sun tan. For the occasion I decided to rustle up a wee foxy bag for the bride-to-be. As one does.

I used blue foxy fabric from the wonderful FabricLand and a tote bag tutorial from Skip to my Lou. It was simple and fun and I couldn't recommend the tutorial enough. I can see myself making a school bag for myself in the weeks to come using the same pattern. Although I lined it with the same fabric, the bag is actually reversible and you could opt to go for a contrasting fabric inside.

Check out my top stitching! I was so proud of this beauty!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Surname Bunting

Hiya everyone. How are you all at the moment? I'm back home after spending a few days in Scotland with my mum, sister and puppy. We mainly spent time pottering about the place hoping for sunshine. The sun finally came out yesterday when we wandered round a cute wee arty, fishing village called Pittenweem. They had a fairly sizeable Arts Festival going on and we wandered in and out of the cute wee houses and buildings looking at interesting things. 
Last Saturday, Steve and I went to our friends' wedding party. The sun shone, cakes were eaten, prosecco was consumed and a big game of croquet was undertaken. I will just add at this point that I was on the winning croquet team - all the skills learnt during crazy golf matches when I was little seemed to transfer nicely across - yay! As a wee token gift, I made the happy couple a string of crocheted bunting with some of my pastel, acrylic DK wool and felt.
I crocheted the triangles using this free pattern from Ruby and Custard, a cute wee shop selling handmade crochet items. It's a while since I've crocheted something and I have to say I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. The pattern is in US terms but well written and nice and straightforward.
Although I chose to just do a one row border for my triangles there are some examples with multi-coloured borders elsewhere online. If you've looking for colour inspiration, look no further than Attic 24's jolly festive bunting - just beautiful. 
I made my lettering templates by finding an alphabet that I liked on google images then carefully tracing the letters from my computer screen onto the paper. I put the letters on back-to-front on the felt before drawing then cutting round them to make sure any pen marks were on the back. 
Finally, I stitched on the letters with embroidery thread and normal running stitch and then steam blocked the triangles with an iron so they stayed nice and flat. This was actually the first time I've blocked my crochet work and I have to say I'm never going back now! I'm pretty made up with the final product and would totally recommend the pattern from Ruby and Custard.

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