Tuesday, 28 July 2015

DIY Knickers

Hiya, it's school holiday time here in the UK so I've made a return to my wee blog. I've spent a good few hours over the past couple of days painting my own social media buttons and blog header (I know, check me out!) and playing sometimes successfully with HTML (geek alert). You'll hopefully notice some wee changes round here...yes?
As well as playing with HTML, I also decided it was time to try and use up some of my larger fabric scraps and turn my hand to knicker making...! I used the instructions from Eithne Farry's book "Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means". I already had some knicker elastic which I got for dirt cheap from ebay a few months ago when I first had a foray into knicker making.Although Eithne's instructions are nice and straightforward and even taught me how to french seam the side seams, their is a slight lack of instruction as to how to make a template. This resulted in my first pair of knickers being a beautiful disaster. Although beautiful, they probably would have fitted a small doll.
All I can say people is, if you are making your own knicker templates, don't draw round a stretchy pair of pants and then use non-stretchy fabric. Your non-stretch knicker template must be as wide as your hips if you are going to be able to pull them up...


  1. I love these! They look like the panties I've been looking for for years now. It seems like everything has to be microfiber these days! I have to make some!


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