Saturday, 9 May 2015

Me Made May: Week 1

Where did the first week of May go?! I've had a pretty productive, grown-up Saturday morning today. I've joined the local library, picked up composting bags and done a few wee other jobs. Now I'm pretty much ready for a nice, quiet, chilled out weekend before a big work week next week (Year 6 SATs boo!).

For one reason or another, I ended up wearing the same non-homemade outfit three days in a row during the bank holiday weekend. As an aside, this is NOT something that I make a habit of doing, before you're all grossed out! So above are my first four Me Made May 2015 outfits. 

1. Butterick 4443 Dress with black cardigan
2. Full Circle Skirt Dress from Great British Sewing Bee: Make Your Own Wardrobe with teal cardigan and beads
3. Self-drafted Dress with turquoise cardigan
4. Self-drafted Dress (as above) with cream cardigan

Have you blogged about Me Made May Week 1?

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