Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Dictionary of Tea Cross Stitch

So a couple of week's ago I finished off my "Dictionary of Tea" cross stitch from Bothy Threads. It's taken me, literally years, to complete. I've pretty much doing an hour or so every so often for at least three years. This cross stitch has moved with me to at least three different homes and I have to say I'm going to miss doing it!

As I began to near the end I began to think about how to frame it. It's got slightly odd dimensions and I wanted there to be a fairly consistent border of white showing round the outside. Luckily and with unbelievable timing, eFrame got in touch to offer me a chance to try out one of their frames*. Their custom made frames can be made for any dimensions and with different colours of wood or aluminium. Once I'd ordered online, the frame* was quickly posted out to me quickly, just in time for me to display a few years worth of stitching.

How do you display your finished projects? What's the longest you've taken to finish one project?

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Round Up

February has flown by! This month saw me finish my crochet blanket and subsequently spend large amounts of time hiding under it watching films and eating popcorn and squares of chocolate. I've given up caffeine for Lent and managed to run 5k in 32 minutes. I spent almost all half term sitting and my sewing machine and wearing my new teal jeans.

a rose from my favourite local Indian // Steve colour-coded our books // daffodils // successful waffle making // charity shopping for beady necklaces in half term // my jewellery hanger // my parents and sister's new puppy (yet to meet him in person but we've met over skype // Steve's cake decorated by me // I finished my cross stitch project!

February Projects

As well as finishing my granny stripe blanket, mostly due to a week off work in the middle of the month, I've also made a Francoise dress and finished my 'Dictionary of Tea' cross stitch. More on these coming soon but just for now here's a snap shot of February's projects. 

crochet granny stripe blanket // jewellery hanger // Dictionary of Tea cross stitch // Francoise dress

February Favourites 

I loved this round up of all things inspired by snowdrops by Floral and Feather.

My three month granny stripe blanket pales in comparison to Leanne's year long sky blanket.

Another blanket that I loved was this 52 square mood blanket by threads 'n' shreads.

I managed to inspire Lynn to write this post about colour, texture and patterns.

Anna's tutorial for a crochet flower garland also caught my eye.

Next month... 

I will sip wine in the garden. I will crochet a jumper. I will run faster

How has February been for you?

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