Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Round Up

January has seen me working away at a couple of fairly time heavy projects. I've now only got a handful of stripes left of my granny stripe blanket before I'll be darning in the ends and crocheting a border. I'm more than a little bit excited to show you the finished product. 

My felt number ones have taken taken me a fairly long time mainly because I've been making them in between crocheting rows of my crochet blanket. I'm now pretty much a blanket stitch pro and to anyone that doesn't know how to blanket stitch I urge you to give it a go. It is very, very satisfying.

crochet granny stripe blanket // crochet engagement card // felt number ones

I've had a pretty happy January not just because of the time I've spent on my crochet blanket and blanket stitching action. New Year's Day saw a two hour pool and table tennis tournament between my sister, mum, husband and myself. I've eaten Christmas cake (I January!) and pizza. I've had a weekend away in Canterbury.

pool and table tennis on New Year's Day // sneaky January Christmas cake // packing up the decorations // crochet granny blanket and Eastenders watching // fleece lined tights and stripy socks // stitching // flowers in Canterbury Cathedral // Canterbury view // pizza

Coming up in February...I'm going to make a Francoise dress and finish my crochet blanket. I'm going to learn to run faster. I'm going to eat pancakes.

How's January been for everyone else?

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  1. Arrrrrrrhhhhh, I'd totally forgotten February was pankcake month! wooo! Can't wait :-) Glad you had a good month, and nice job on the progress with your blanket x

    1. thanks Sally! Much appreciated coming from such a talented crocheter! X

  2. You've obviously had a busy month (and helping me with the button coding too) I love all your number ones, I keep meaning to learn how to blanket stitch but I never quite have time (or I keep putting it off) Have a great week.

  3. Sounds like your year has got off to a fantastic start, long may it continue! Your number ones are adorable :) x

  4. Oh I do like a bit of blanket stitching, it's very relaxing and thank you for reminding us about Shrove Tuesday cause I love pancakes too! Xx

  5. Sounds like its been a great month!! Hope the next one is as happy and versatile x

  6. You have been busy and love the 1's

  7. I love all your creations! The little felt numbers are so cute.

  8. How lovely to have a summary post of January, sounds like a great month.

  9. Gosh you've had a busy month. Nothing wrong with eating Christmas cake in January. I'd eat it any time of the year....

    Good luck with the rest of your blanket xx

  10. Thank you everyone for visiting. Here's too a wonderfully crafty February! x

  11. This 1st month has gone by so quickly. I love Christmas cake and usually have a couple of the very small individual ones that I can have through the year. :)
    Jan x


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