Friday, 16 January 2015

Weekend Inspiration: Fruit and Veg

Isn't the stuff you can find on Etsy just so amazingly creative? This allotment bracelet by 'By the Shed' made from polymer clay beads is just no exception.

 And I loved these apple appliques by 'MyfanwysAppliques'.

I used to love Hama beads when I was younger but I'd never have though of making jewellery from it. How amazing is this watermelon necklace from 'KimsGeekeryGrotto'?

 And finally, if your looking for a slightly quirky crochet project look no further than this free carrot pattern from one of my favourite blogs The Perfect Hiding Place.

...and the reason for this week's theme? This month I'm desperately trying to eat a few more fruit and vegetables everyday to try and keep myself feeling on tip-top form. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and all that.

Which is your favourite 'healthy', crafty item?

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