Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pink Spotty Dress

No finished projects from this week. I'm still working away at my mystery felt project and my granny stripe blanket. I'm now really enjoying my blanket. That may or may not be anything to do with the fact there are just 15 rows to go. The end of the granny stripe is nigh. 

So, instead of a recent project, this week I'm showing you handmade dress number three that I finished last summer. It's the last one I made with my own made up pattern. You can see the problem, can't you? It gapes round my arms and it's way too tight round the waist. Look at the fabric pulling in the picture below. And that's with me breathing in.

Since I made this dress I've started using actual proper patterns and my dresses are fitting much better, but I still love the compliments I get when I wear something so bright and cheerful to work. It's a bit of a dilemma really. I like lots about the dress but I know, if I were to remake it, it would be so so much better and so so much more comfortable.

Fabric - pink spotty polycotton - eBay; slippers - Accessorize; cardigan - charity shop find

So what would you do? Have you ever re-made one of your creations once your technique improved? 

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  1. The dress is lovely - I can't see anything wrong with it from the front. And with a cardi you can't see the bits you don't like!

  2. I would be too dazzled by the lovely fabric and shape to notice any mistakes. It's gorgeous!

  3. It's a very pretty dress. I could never make my own pattern, let alone make my own dress from it.

  4. Honestly I would like to say I would remake! But I'm not sure I am that patient! lol. I have made up a few patterns in the past but managed to stay clear of anything too fitting. Isn't it funny how things sometimes look totally different in our mind! Your dress is truly lovely tho! You have such a skill and really love your fabric choice! xx

  5. Looking at your photos I think you may be being harsh on yourself. It looks really pretty. You could always wear it with a cardi if your really conscious about the fit. Honestly I think it looks fab and the fabrics lovely.
    Ali xx

  6. What a cute little dress? I love the fabric. As a fellow dressmaker I sympathise with your worry about mistakes but it looks great to me xx

  7. Thank you for all the encouragement everyone! Maybe I'm being a little fussy about the fit! It still probably fits as well as a shop bought one would. x

  8. I love polka dots! I think you did a great job on this dress!


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