Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Love Heart Card

Having heard the wonderful news that one of my uni friends has just got engaged, I quickly made this card up. It's one of my favourite handmade card designs, and now, with Valentine's Day on the horizon, you can make one too!

You will need:

  • Four small crocheted hearts. I made these from embroidery thread, a 3mm crochet hook and this fail-safe pattern. If you are not a crocheter you can buy crochet heart appliques from here.
  • A blank card and envelope
  • A red pen
  • Alphabet stampers
  • Double-sided sticky-tape


Stick on the hearts using the double-sided sticky-tape in a upside-down arch shape. Draw lines between the hearts to look like bunting. Use the alphabet stampers to create your personalised message.

What have you been making this weekend?

This weekend is the first weekend that Handmade Monday has been hosted Vicky at Lucy Blossom Crafts. Please do pop over to show your support and see what else has been made this week.


  1. So simple but very striking and effective. Thanks for all the help you've given me this week.

  2. OOh must get me some of those little letter stamps. I think you friend will really like the card you made for them.

  3. What cute cards. I would probably be naughty and want to peel off the little hearts to sew on something.

  4. Very simple design but perfect for the occasion and great to give it a personal message :)

  5. I love the letter stamps too, as you might just notice if you happen to read my blog post this week!

  6. These are lovely! I like the stamped lettering too and your beautiful box of stamps!

  7. The cards are gorgeous, I love the crochet hearts and the stamping just sets it off:)

  8. I would love to crochet but something that I can not just get! Love the card simple but so pretty

  9. These are so cute! lovely idea for a card! xx

  10. Thank you for all the lovely compliments! They make me blush with pride! x

  11. I love your little stamp set, I really must get myself one :)
    The hearts are really pretty, crochet is something I haven't been able to master.
    Jan x


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