Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 Projects

Here are my 2014 projects for you to have a wee nosy at. Looking back I can't believe how much I've actually managed to make...

first attempt at cable crochet // crochet engagement card // bird hanging // German star // wee mini heart // draught excluder

red cabled cushions for my sister-in-law // headband for skiing // I started altering a vintage dress // I started a crochet cardigan // crochet collar for my sister // I started and never finished a sock

crochet cardigan // patchwork cushion using leftover wedding bunting fabric // finished vintage dress makeover // crochet cards

cross stitching // Easter card // knitted doll // baking // knickers

birthday card // fabric flower brooches // new home card // my first homemade dress which later got splashed by bleach // miette cardigan number 1 // second homemade dress

more cross stitching // pink dress // miette cardigan number 2 // crochet mandala

homemade salsa // living room cushion // pencil case // living room curtains // spray painting coffee table // remade handmade dress number 1

Christening bunting made of old man shirts // Autumn dress // spare bedroom curtains // paisley print dress

crochet stockings // turquoise dress // I started a crochet blanket

door ribbon // felt Christmas puddings // handmade Christmas cards // I continued the crochet blanket // crochet chocolate orange holder // Christmas dress!

Thank you to everyone who's read/commented/admired my blog in 2014. Happy happy happy happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. aww what a fab post, how lovely to look back and see it all together - it does look rather an impressive amount to make in a year. What a shame about your first dress though.

    1. Thanks Hazel! I'm pretty proud of myself and all my hard work! x

  2. Someone is amazingly creative and diligent here ;) Your dresses are lovely!

    1. Haha! Amazingly creative and diligent - I'll take that! x


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