Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Top Five

It's the last day of 2015 and like (almost) every other blogger in the country I'm taking the opportunity to have a look through my posts from the last year. Here are five reader favourites...
February: I made wee door hangers for my nephew's 1st NCT birthday party.
August: I did a few alterations to a vintage spotty dress.
August: I crocheted surname bunting as a wedding gift for my friends' wedding.
February: I finished a granny stripe blanket for our sofa.
November: I crocheted some back-of-bathroom door storage.

What's been your favourite project of 2015?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Free Pattern: Crocheted Bathroom Door Storage

With a couple of impromptu weeks off from blogging, I have a couple of projects to catch you up on. I can't take full credit for the design of this crochet bathroom door storage pattern. I got the idea from here and made up the pattern from the picture.
I used a 5mm crochet hook, two balls of natural twine, a coat hanger, five buttons and a yarn needle. Basically you crochet one big rectangle for the back and then two small rectangles to make the pockets. Then stitch 'em all up. Simple.

For the back, chain 40. Then, excluding the first three chains (makes one treble crochet), treble into each of the remaining 37 chains to make 38 trebles (including the first three chains). For the second row, chain three then treble into each of the remaining 37 stitches. Repeat the second row another 28 times.

For the pockets, chain 18. Then, excluding the first three chains (makes one treble crochet), treble into each of the remaining 15 chains to make 16 trebles (including the first three chains). For the second row, chain three then treble into each of the remaining 15 stitches. Repeat the second row another 18 times.

To make up, place the pockets in position and use a yarn needle to stitch along the base of the pockets and up the sides. Stitch further vertical lines to create separate storage sections. Create a flap at the top (see above) to loop over the coat hanger. Stitch into place. Decorate with the buttons. 

I hope you enjoy making this...please feel free to add any comments/questions below.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Autumn Inspiration

Yep, so it's been almost exactly two months since I've graced you all with my presence here over on the blog. I've still been busy crafting and I have a few projects up my sleeve to share with you once I get back in the blogging groove. I've been plagued by a bit of blogger self-doubt recently and am not quite sure whether I need a bit of a rethink.

While most bloggers are going on (and on and on) about the lovely crunchy Autumn leaves etc I've had a week long holiday to lovely, sunny Mallorca. As a result, I've been more than a little late to the let's-all-get-excited-about-Autumn stuff. In an attempt to rectify the situation I've had a bit of a Pinterest session this morning and pinned a few Autumnal ideas for a rainy day at some point in the future.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bettine Jersey Dress

I've already talked about my obsession with the #sewingbettine Instagram hashtag. I've loved seeing so many different versions of Tilly's latest dress pattern in so many different fabrics. Last month I had a go at making myself a Bettine dress but despite my very careful measurements it was just too small. I had been so looking forward to making a comfortable easy-to-wear throw-it-over-your-head-dress but the small size meant that it was just too much of a faff to wiggle in and out.
I wasn't quite sure about having another go. Having fitted the size 3 top to my smaller sister, I found it still wasn't easy to get on and off. I wanted this dress to be effortless to wear. That was when I saw Tilly's tips for making a Bettine out of jersey fabric. This was perfect for me as I could have another go at the pattern and learn a little bit about sewing with stretchy fabrics at the same time.
I hot-footed it down to Fabricland and bought some colourful stretchy fabric. I changed my needle for a ball point, read some more of Tilly's jersey tutorials and played around with zig zag stitching. Turns out I absolutely love working with jersey. No fraying of fabric; no need to finish seams. So quick!
I'm semi-pleased with the result. Based on my first attempt at the Bettine, I opted for a size 4 this time. I also altered the skirt so it's a little straighter and less curvy round the hips and bottom. I never really feel I need any help to accentuate these bits of me!
Although making this dress has made me fall in love with jersey fabric, I'm still not entirely convinced by the pattern. Looking at the dress side-on, I don't feel this fit is entirely flattering on me and was really interested to read Ksenia's take on this issue. I'm not really sure my sewing skills are up to a full bust adjustment (if that's even what it would take), especially not for a dress that is supposed to be easy-to-make easy-to-wear.
Have you had any experiences of sewing the Bettine dress that might help me? What do you think of the fit? I'd love to hear what you think!

Monday, 31 August 2015

August @ EmmaAnneMade

August Moments

Me, Steve and Becky @ St Andrews Castle // Drying out shells from the beach to decorate our bathroom // Pretty bicycle @ Pittenweem Arts Festival // Wedding anniversary white chocolate and raspberry fondue 

I'm pretty much in love with August. How could any teacher not be? A full month off work and still getting a pay check at the end of the month? Yes please. It's been great just to live life at a bit of a slower pace than usual. I've had time to go training for my 10k. I've had time to catch up with people. I've had time to make things whenever I want. 

August Makes

Surname Bunting // Foxy Bag // Bettine Skirt // Vintage Dress Makeover

August Blog Love

I've loved catching up with various blog posts, including...

...this post by Jen from the Grainline Studio about the difficulties of writing finished project posts. I don't love taking my on picture but I really want to have a record of all the lovely things I've made so it was interesting hearing what someone else thinks.

Linked to this, I also liked this post from the Sewaholic site with tips for blogging finished projects.

I fell in love with Tilly's Jersey Bettine. After the semi-success of my first Bettine adventure, there will be more on this soon...

August Pins

I've also spent rather a long time on Pinterest falling in love with these cute colourful images...
Crochet elephant tutorial (you'd need to use google translate) // Totally agree with this // Beach hut card from Pootle // Great image from here
Fat bottomed bag pattern (it's one giant granny square!) // Gorgeous vintage dress from KingsArtsAndVintage // Grey, mauve and floral outfit from JennifHsieh

So that's your lot for August. It's chucking it down with rain here, I guess thats summer over for another year. I'm spending my last day of holiday painting our bathroom and trying to savour every moment before the chaos of a new term begins. Thank you for reading my blog this month!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Spotty Vintage Dress Makeover

At the beginning of the summer holidays I like to take myself for an expedition round the charity shops to find some things to get creative with during my time off. This year, I found this dress for £3 in a Cancer Research branch and loved the colour so much that I had see if I could alter it.

It's a Canda vintage size 12 which after a bit of googling turned out to be from C&A. Remember that shop!? I set to work by turning the whole thing inside out and ripping out the old broken elastic from the waistband. Then I took in the side seams by about a centimetre on each side before zig zag stitching some new elastic in. After lopping and hemming a whole load off the bottom it looked like this...

I love the fact that this dress is going to do me in winter with black tights and a cosy cardigan and in summer with sandals, heels or flip flops. In fact last weekend we had a BBQ on Saturday in the amazing 30 degree heat and it served me pretty well then. I also wore it with "sensible shoes" (mint green converse-style primark numbers) for my driving lesson yesterday. Perfect for any occasion!
Have you ever reworked a vintage dress?

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