Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What's On My Desk? 10/12

Another Wednesday and another work in progress. I'm currently working on this project adapted from Bugs and Fishes amazing felt Christmas pudding tutorial. It's lovely working with fabric that doesn't fray!

Is anyone else making their own Christmas decorations?

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Pop over to WOYWW at Stamping Ground for others' works in progress


  1. Yeah, I expect fraying is a right old hazard for how many puddings are you making and whre are they destined to go? I havent made anything decorative for Christmas this year. Not even a wreath. Yet. You never know!

  2. Great little project... I love fabric that you don't have to sew. Give me glue any time :)
    Sandra de @33

  3. hi Emma, cute puddings, felt is definitely handy stuff, no haven't made any decos for ages.

  4. Hi Emma - Your puds look great. I'm all 'felted' out, making a dozen festive brooches as Christmas prezzies. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 13

  5. How cute! What I like about felt is that you can glue it like paper! I don't like sewing much (or rather I can't!) Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #40

  6. What a nice project! Where are you going to use them?
    Gabriele 23

  7. That's fun! I always admire people who craft with felt...I just don't feel inspired by it. But that project made me smile!!
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  8. Love your puddings. Felt would be the only fabric I would use as you can glue it and no sewing required:) Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Von #28


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