Monday, 15 December 2014

Handmade Christmas Decorations

This is our first Christmas in our house and we've both loved having fun decorating it with some handmade goodies. Steve has been the one with the vision. He's discovered the joys of Pinterest and since then has been commissioning various pieces for our living room. He even made some Christmas snowflakes to add to the handmade festivities.

We wrapped up our living room door with a big piece of ribbon. 

Hanging from the other doorway is a row of felt Christmas puddings inspired by Bugs and Fishes' pattern.

Our crocheted advent calendar stockings are going down a treat (pattern available here).

 And look closely and you'll see a crocheted star on top of the tree (and a wee Christmas snowflake to the bottom left).

I love the idea that every year we'll add a bit more to our collection of handmade Christmas goodies. I'm already excited about unpacking all the Christmas decorations in 2016!

What is the Christmas decoration that you most look forward to putting up each year?

If you are also making Christmas decorations this year, you might be interested in Victoria's competition. She's teamed up with Able Skills and is awarding Amazon vouchers for your hard crafting! As usual I'm also belatedly linking up with Handmade Monday.


  1. love the xmas puds! so cute :) tree looks lovely and good idea with the door x

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm pretty chuffed with it all! X

  2. Lovely decorations. Great idea for the door. I planned to make some Christmas pudding decorations, as yet still haven't I love putting our red and white knitted stockings on our fireplace (not handmade though). Although my advent calander I made this year might just be my new favourite thing.

  3. Oh they look fantastic - I love the door wrapped in ribbon and the wee christmas puddings!

  4. Your Christmas decor is lovely and I'm sure you are excited to celebrate the upcoming holiday in your new home. I love the Christmas puddings! How cute. Have a Merry Christmas :)

  5. I love hand made and home made decorations, there's something about getting them out of the box every year and remembering when they were made. :)

  6. I do love the wrapped up doors; I'm definitely stealing that idea next year! (if that's okay of course) :-) xx


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