Sunday, 7 September 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Crochet Ripples

First week of work done for the new school year and I'm feeling pretty good if a little overwhelmed by a vast to-do list and a few packed but fun weekends on the horizon. Having not done much crocheting over the summer, I'm feeling extremely ready for some relaxing, repetitive, rhythmic hooky action. I'm daydreaming about another crochet ripple blanket like the one I made last year.

Remember this?

The internet is full of gorgeous designs and colour combinations. Here are just a few of my favourites to get you inspired.

Here's Lucy's lovely coastal-coloured ripple from the Attic24 blog. Incidentally she also has an amazing set of instructions for crochet ripple blankets on her blog if you're interested.

Aren't the colours on this amazing!

Over the past few Handmade Monday's I've really, really enjoyed Patchwork Fairy's ripple blanket grow and grow and grow!

Have you made a crochet blanket? I'd love to see it leave the link below if you're happy to show me :-)

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  1. Months ago I started a granny square blanket, really need to get back to finishing it now that autumn and winter draws near!

    1. This is the best time of year for crocheting! Do it! X

  2. I've posted about a couple of crochet blankets I've made but this one is my favourite.

    1. Ooops, Caroline, the link didn't work. But I did have a look over at your crochet posts on your blog and you've made some gorgeous stuff! x


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