Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Projects

I made salsa! // Cushion covers // Pencil case for a colleague // My first set of fully lined curtains // Side table work in progress // First and third homemade dress

August is a pretty good month when your a teacher. A whole month off. And right at the end you get a pay cheque for no teaching at all. No matter how much you love teaching that is pretty sweet.

And I've been spoilt this summer. I've had two trips away to the Lake District and back to Scotland. I've also had a new house to fill with crafty goodness. I also managed to find some more of the blue dress fabric that I used for the first dress I made and accidentally bleached. I was so chuffed I could re-use some of the fabric from the original dress and even the original zip to re-work it in time for One Week, One Pattern.

Saying that, I've also "worked" pretty hard this summer. I pretty much spent a week packing boxes, then a week building flatpack furniture and unpacking boxes, 14 solid hours cleaning our old flat and a few more days than I would have liked working on coursework. Luckily I still managed to do most of the special "me" things that I planned out at the beginning of the summer.

I'm so grateful I was on summer holiday when we ended up moving house; I'm not quite sure how I'd have coped otherwise! Now though I'm ready to go back to work. I'm ready to stop pretending to be a housewife. Time to go back to the day job.

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How's August been for you?

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