Friday, 30 May 2014

May Projects

Birthday card for Becky // Flower brooches using fabric scraps // New Home card for our neighbours // Handmade Dress Number 1 // Knitted Miette Cardigan still needing buttons (more on this soon) // Handmade Dress Number 2 (again more on this soon)

The last few of weeks left me feeling a bit out of sorts. I was pretty stressed out and busy with work which meant I didn't really find time for doing some of the things I do just for me. I stopped blogging. I stopped running. I stopped Me Made May. I stopped reading Harry Potter. I even stopped filling in my one-line-a-day diary.

Half term came just in time. It's given me a chance to make peace with the loss of my first handmade dress as well as have a good old chill out and get ahead with work so that hopefully the next stretch can be a little easier. I even managed to run for 30 minutes without stopping today!

Saying all that, despite a few set backs and tricky times, craft-wise I've got a lot to show for this month. It's been a biggy! I finished my first AND second handmade dresses and hand-knitted (!) a *whole* cardigan.

What's been an achievement for you this month?

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  1. The fabric in your second dress is gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!

    Pleased that half term has given you the opportunity to recharge. I'm the opposite!

    1. Thank you Caroline! It's back to craziness today though, it's like we've never been away! x


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