Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fabric Flowers

One evening lovely evening last week was spent turning little scraps of fabric into these flower brooches. It's a really quick project and definitely one I can recommend for a busy week when your a tad pushed for time. 

I used instructions from Fabric Flowers: 20 to Make by Kate Haxell, which I previous reviewed here. I also used leftover fabric from previous projects. I love that these little flower brooches help remind me of some of my favourite projects from the last year. 

The picture above is of my first handmade dress. I'm actually wearing it as we speak and I'm so incredibly pleased with it. I'll have some photos ready to show you on the blog soon.

Do you have any good projects for using up leftover fabric?

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  1. The flowers are pretty - I especially like the one with the different prints. I also like the dress you made - it's pretty and looks like the perfect Summer dress. Have a good day. :)

  2. These are so pretty. I am crocheting flowers at the mo and trying to incorporate fabric into the design. A definite work in progress. :-)

  3. Your flowers are very pretty. I have seen similar brooches with raw edges, but your are much nicer and must have been quite a lot of work. My favourite is the pants fabric one.

  4. The flowers are lovely - like the slightly cheeky idea of having a brooch to match your knickers ;-)

  5. They are lovely, and such a great idea to use up leftover fabric from projects.


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