Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Wooly Bike Trail at Yorkshire Festival

Fish and chips, jelly and ice cream, Ant and Dec...bikes and crochet?... Until I was emailed the above picture I would never have paired up these two things. It's a creation of Cassandra Kilbride's - a crochet street artist. 

This year Cassandra is taking part in the Yorkshire Festival, which is happening in the 100 days leading up to the Tour de France. Cassandra is calling for volunteers to join her in creating ten wooly bikes which will be displayed throughout July at Sheffield Cathedral. She is running 20 free workshops throughout Yorkshire which will allow you to crochet, knit or sew your own bit of bike.

I was fairly taken with the project and got in touch with Cassandra to find out a little more about what inspired her...

"I had created a couple of yarn stormed bikes prior to this project, the process is great when working in groups as there are many sections of the bike that can be worked on simultaneously, Yorkshire hosting the Grand depart and the Yorkshire festival 2014 seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a set of bikes."

"Lots of things inspired the project it’s about promoting all the things that make Yorkshire so distinctive in its identity, it’s also about promoting Yorkshire wool and also the achievement that is Yorkshire hosting the grand depart."
"The bike themes come from both things Yorkshire are famous for but also the themes relate to the specific towns cities and villages for example yummy Yorkshire (image attached) was created in Wakefield during the rhubarb festival, Wakefield is famous for rhubarb and liquorice, and there’s a good brewery here too (all these things feature) York's renowned for its Viking ancestry so the bike created in York is Viking themed. The designs almost presented themselves, I am also open to the group influencing the design as long as it fits with the theme!"

Is this happening in your neck of the woods? If so, I'd love to hear if you are getting involved?

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