Sunday, 20 April 2014

Recent Crafting

This week has just been lovely. Is anybody else enjoying some quiet time at home for the Easter break? I have just loved the last couple of weeks pottering about our flat and seeing friends and family. I've been working on my Dictionary of Tea cross stitch. At the moment I'm back-stitching the details on in black so involves lots and lots of counting. It's really coming along though.

I ventured tentatively into the world of baking on Tuesday and made banana and raisin fairy cakes. Amazingly they were really rather successful. Expect to see a bit more baking happening in the future.

These Easter cards were so quick and fun to do. They are, I should add, a complete copy of a great idea from here but pretty cool all the same.

Following a bit of knicker-based inspiration a couple of weeks ago, I make these beauties. However, while they look beautiful, do not be deceived. They are in fact at least 2 dress sizes too small for me due to an absolute school-boy error with the template-making and confusion between stretchy and non-stretchy fabrics. Disaster.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate the size of your own behind. Not all fabric stretches.

Oh well, you live and learn.

Have you had any crafting mishaps recently? Go on comment away and make me feel better about my inadequacies!

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  1. What a shame those knickers don't fit, they're gorgeous!

  2. I wouldn't worry about them not fitting, when they look that nice you don't want to risk them being eaten by the washing machine, best just to keep them for show. You could always frame them, I bet pretty knickers on the wall would make an interesting conversation starter.


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