Sunday, 23 March 2014

Patchwork Cushion

Over the last couple of weekends, I've actually ended up having a pretty quiet time of it. I've been able to chill, to lounge about in my pyjamas and to get on with some of the projects I've been dreaming up over the last few months.

This patchwork cushion is quite probably my most favourite thing that I have ever made. Those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know that that is a pretty big accolade.

I used leftover fabric from the bunting that my mum made for our wedding. I used a coaster to measure out the squares and I got friendly with my sewing machine and coerced it into helping me stitch all of the pieces together.

I then spent a disgracefully long time this morning re-making the bed and playing around with my new cushion.  Seriously proud.

What have you been making the Handmade Monday?

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  1. What a lovely cushion. And you have made me think that perhaps I should have bunting on my bed!

  2. Aww your cushion is fab, its nice to take a moment to feel proud of something you've made isn't it. I love the bunting too! x

  3. A gorgeous cushion, and a great place to hang your bunting too.

  4. That patchwork is so crisp, fantastic job. I really like the bunch of knitted flowers too, they are fun.

  5. Oh, very lovely, no wonder you are so happy with it. I also like the knitted flowers - have you written about them? I can never work out how to get them to have a stalk to put any in a vase.

  6. What a gorgeous cushion. I love the bunting at the bottom of the bed - such a brilliant idea xx


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