Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Oxford In The Sunshine

Doesn't the sun just make everything in life just seem so much better? I even went for a run today. Running is not something I would normally do, but as the sun was shining I actually wanted to be outside running around the park. The sun makes me crazily happy.

Saturday started early. I was up drinking tea, eating cheeky banana cake and catching up with my one-line-a-day diary at 7.30. All because the sun was streaming through the window. A little later on Steve and I headed off to Oxford. Last time we visited we got totally soaked and had to come home early. This time it was far to hot for two cardigans.

Pretty much as soon as we arrive we stopped for coffee in the Grand Cafe. This is on the High Street and somewhere where I passed everyday as a student but didn't feel I could afford. when I was a student. On Saturday, I smuggly drank my Americano, admired the view of the amazing chandelier thing and felt oh-so-wonderful in my altered vintage dress and handmade cardigan.

After coffee we took a walk through Christ Church meadows. This is one of the only places in the world where I will happily sit amongst swan poo and still manage to feel like a glamourous. I love it. As well as spending hours sitting amongst swan poo in Christ Church meadows, I've had many important, deep and meaningful, life conversations while walking around. It will always be a special place for me.

We also took a trip across Magdelan Bridge towards my old college and towards the Cowley Road, which now has a wool shop! Who knew?

How did you spend your sunny weekend?

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! I'm always a bit wary of altering vintage clothes myself because I'm sure I'll mess it up and ruin something unique.

    1. I deliberately chose a dress that initially hated for exactly that reason! X


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