Monday, 3 March 2014

Cable Crochet Cushion Covers

A couple of months ago I was shown a picture of this gorgeous £38 cable-knit cushion from Laura Ashley

"It's gorgeous...but it's kind of pricey... I bet you could make something like that!" said my sister-in-law. 

Those words. I bet YOU could. I BET you could. The sound of someone putting their faith in your crafting ability. What every crafter wants to here.  I BET YOU could make something like that.

So naturally I had a go. It wasn't easy I had to be said. I was never going to be able to cable-knit a cushion cover. My best bet was to teach myself how to cable crochet, which in itself wasn't very easy. 

I used two strands of red DK wool crocheted together and adapted this pattern. Cable crochet really, really eats your yarn and this was another project that required an emergency-yarn-shop visit. I also found it pretty hard work. All that front and back post double crochet really gives your wrists a hardcore work-out.

After all that crochet exercise, I was pretty pleased with the final project. The cushions looked great on my own sofa and I was pretty reluctant to pass them onto my sister-in-law, but I knew she'd give them a good home.  

Indeed this weekend, I had a lovely trip up to York to visit her, the cushions and her three-week-old baby. I can confirm that I have a very gorgeous nephew and that the cushions are being well-used and well-looked after.

Isn't it pretty fabulous to see your homemade stuff being enjoyed by someone else?

I'm linking rather late up with Handmade Monday. Do go and see what other wonderful makes have been happening.

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  1. Lol - I'm glad I am not the only person who is expected to be able to reproduce a design 'just like that'. My other favourite is: I bought these beads/ this wool/ this fabric because I like it....make me something with it!!

  2. Haha, it's an honour and a bit of a responsibility at the same time!

  3. seriously! Doesn't it just drive you batty?! -- My kid sister [the Family's "MARTHA STEWART"-on-Meth] is a whiz at many a "crafty" venture, but never pursued the "yarny"-arts as I have. And hence, is absolutely *clueless* at "what" is often involved with these "little projects"! Ever since she's discovered PINTEREST, I'm often on the Receiving-End of "STUFF-TO-MAKE"... Granted, I've been Crocheting for almost half a century and Knitting for only 3 years, however, I *still* CAN'T read a Pattern in Either!! I just create my *own* Designs! - However, give me a few really good pics and I'll eventually "figure-it-out"... Actually, at some time I might take a stab at that ASHLEY pic you've got there. - Once I've taught myself to "cable"...

    Anyhoo, Brilliant Job on those CUSHIONS! A shame you passed Them on, as They DO go wonderfully with your OTHER Ones!! -- BTW, CONGRATS on the NEW "MUNCHKIN"! Some day, you'll have to teach Him how to Crochet, so that HE can "make" These for His Mother in the Future!!

  4. The cushions look lovely :)

  5. Your cable crochet cushions look beautiful. I bet your sister in law was thrilled to receive them. They will be perfect for her to snuggle up with her little one on the sofa.
    Ali xx

  6. I love your cushions,they look so cosy!

  7. They look amazing, I'm sure they are perfect for cuddling up to.


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