Sunday, 30 March 2014

Crochet Cards

Good luck card using this shamrock pattern and handwriting inspired by Miss Jojangles

Mothers' Day card with daffodil brooch using Attic24's daffodil pattern

Anniversary card with heart bunting using this pattern

The sun is shining. Yesterday I visited the Warner Brothers Studio Harry Potter tour. Today I pottered about (pun possibly intended) and cleaned the flat and ate cake. Next week is the school holidays. This weekend has been a happy one.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've had a few crochet card making opportunities. I love whipping up something small with embroidery thread and a 3mm hook and knowing that I am making that item especially to wish someone well.

I use double-sided sticky tape to stick the crochet motifs to white card. I use the tape to stick down the ends too, which saves fiddly darning - another thing I love about these little projects.

Do you make your own cards? What materials do you use? Any tips? What have you been making the Handmade Monday?

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  1. Love your darning solution! How cunning, wish I could use it on big blankets.

    1. Hate darning in ends, it's what is keeping me from a granny square blanket!

  2. I think your crochet motifs are beautiful, and they make beautiful cards. I can't live without my double-sided tape I use loads and loads of it, especially on my cards.

  3. Your cards are wonderful! I bet they are adored by those lucky enough to receive them x


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