Tuesday, 11 March 2014

10 Happy Things 11/3

i) I wore my altered vintage dress and hand crocheted cardigan to work today along with my new pointy shoes and a huge smile on my face. Days wearing handmade clothes always turn out good.

ii) What British crafter is not obsessing over the Great British Sewing Bee right now?

iii) Promises of bacon sandwich brought to me in bed before work...still to materialise but I'll no doubt let you know when Steve comes good.

iv) Turning my creativity to yet another secret project. This time I'm collaborating with two other talented creatives to make something amazing.

v) A good wee catch-up phone call with my lovely friend Laura.

vi) Getting a brass band of 9, 10 and 11 year olds together to play Mamma Mia at a local concert.

vii) My first alcoholic beverage in the sun happened on Saturday. Anyone else think this is one of the best moments of the year?

viii) Guacamole. Enough said.

ix) Leaving the house in daylight. Coming home in daylight. What a difference to my entire mood!

x) Excitement about the Harry Potter tour!

This fabulous idea of listing 10 things that have made you happy this week comes from the lovely Cider with Rosie blog. Go take a peek!

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  1. So many things on your list I love too! Daylight makes everything else seem better anyway, but completing a working day before it gets dark is definitely in my top ten.

  2. What a lovely idea! I am a HUGE fan of Guacemole and only WISH I had witnessed the Brass Band action! Excellent work! xx

    1. Thank you Emma, they were awesome :-) x


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