Friday, 28 February 2014

Weekend Link Love 28/2

Well hi everyone, aren't you glad it's the weekend.  I'm suitably relaxed, having had a beer and a cheeky hot dog dinner. This weekend I'm heading up to York with Steve to meet my baby nephew and I'm more than a little bit excited. I'm gradually beginning to calm down a bit after my few weeks of crazy-busy-ness and I'm looking forward to lots more crafting in March.

This week I've managed to start catching up on a few of my favourite blogs. I had a good wee giggle about this post which shows Pinterest-inspired baking which has gone incredibly wrong.  Proof to me that the wonderful world of internet-making isn't all that it seems.

I also squealed a little bit with joy at Jo's post about how she packages her crafts.  She's just started selling the most gorgeous baby-gro bears.  Do go take a look.

Zoe from Floral and Feather posted a great guest post over at Knit me a Cake.  I love the photographs and the idea of a knitted bracelet just works so well.

The other post that really caught my attention was this one by Miss Jojangles.  One of my New Year's Resolutions was to practise my handwriting.  I don't have typical primary school teacher handwriting by any stretch of the imagination and I loved the way Jojo discussed handwriting as an expression of personality.

What did you think of Jojo's handwriting post? What caught your eye this week?

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