Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Just A Minute In...February

Wow-oh-wow, I really didn't mean to have quite such a long blogging break. You know sometimes when lots of kind-of-important life things all end up happening at once?  You know that time in your life when you are not quite sure how to pack everything into the hours in the day? Hopefully you do. I'm having one of those times.  Over the last three weeks, things have got more than a little busy.  I've just come back from a brilliant ski holiday though.  When one of the things that has made life busy is a rather energetic holiday, I can't really complain can I?   

I'm resorting to Just A Minute to help get back into the blogging groove.  This is a greaty idea I spotted on Helen Limbrick's blog which give you a little time to reflect on what you've been up to recently.

Watching: Half an hour of The Great British Sewing Bee is literally all I've managed over the last few weeks.

Reading: I've just finished Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy.  It's a teenage book that had me absolutely hooked all the way through.

Listening: Morning by Grieg.  All the teachers at school take turns to choose a piece of calming music for the children to walk into assembly.  I went for this in a last minute panic because I'd forgotten to choose, but I'm pleased with my choice.

Eating: lots.

Working on: yet another chevron lace cardigan - is this an addiction?

Looking forward to: a few moments of peace and quiet so I can catch up on a bit of dress-altering and TV viewing. Hopefully things will calm down soon! 

Image of my travel craft kit courtesy of Jenni at Daydreams and Sunshine and Paperchase

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  1. Too bad you don't live here (Maryland), you'd have the day off because of the snow. I hope you can find some free time soon. :)


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