Thursday, 27 February 2014

February Projects

cabled crochet cushions // mulled wine, piste map with hand crocheted headband // vintage dress alteration (work in progress) // grey chevron lace cardigan (work in progress) // crocheted collar birthday present // de-stashing sock (work in progress)

Looking back at my last monthly round up post, I can't believe I said I was busy!  February took a bit of a crazy turn and I ended up being the busiest I can ever remember being. I'm really feeling it now though and am pretty much desperate for a whole day that I can spend in my PJs just crafting and watching some rubbishy TV.

I'm hoping that March will give me some time to finish off some of these projects. I hope to be skipping about in the sunshine in my vintage dress before not too long, maybe also with some wooly socks and a crocheted cardi. Or maybe that's a bit too ambitious...

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