Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Better Late Than Never

I know, for me included, Christmas seems like a distant memory now the decorations are down and we've all trudged back to work.  However I still feel pretty lucky with all the lovely presents I received and wanted to share the lovely handmade ones that I was so touched to receive.

First up is this gorgeous stripy hand-knit jumper made for me by my talented sister Cat.  You can't quite see in the photo but the shoulders have cute wee colour-coordinated buttons on them.

Secondly my mum made me this gorgeous pair of fingerless gloves made with crazy stripy wool.  They are so amazingly cosy and cheerful.

Completely unexpectedly I was given this lovely handmade bunting by a girl in my class whose mum is really into crafting and fabrics - what a fabulous surprise.

Finally this lovely lace-knitted scarf was made for me by my talented mum.  It's absolutely amazing and I still can't quite believe she made it.  She also made an identical one of each of my sisters.  That's 9 feet of lace knitting altogether folks...pretty incredible stuff.

Did you receive any handmade goodies this Christmas?

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1 comment:

  1. Your sister and Mum are talented for sure - their knitting they made for you is very nice. I didn't receive any handmade gifts - no one else in my family is crafty. :)


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