Monday, 16 December 2013

Sunshine Award Tag

Well.. hello!  I've just recently been tagged by Claire over at Somewhere Beyond the Sea, one of the lovely blogs I came across whilst blogging everyday in November.

11 Random Facts about Me

  • I've only had my hair cut once at a hairdresser.
  • I'm currently working through the Monarch of the Glen box set. 22 discs of simple viewing pleasure.
  • I failed my first driving test for stopping at an amber traffic light that was about to turn red.
  • I'm still bitter about this.
  • I found my wedding dress within 1 week of being engaged, even though the proposal was a complete surprise.
  • While I'm telling jokes, more often that not, I forget the punchlines.
  • I asked for a calculator when asked: "What's 2 to the power of 5?" in one of my Oxford interviews.
  • Snails and apple stickers terrify me.
  • I'm a completely self-taught crocheter.
  • I get jealous of men with really long eye-lashes.
  • My favourite smell is the smell of freshly-blown-out birthday cake candles.

11 Questions from Claire

  • When and why did you start blogging? Ahh, well, I've answered this one here...
  • What’s your no.1 blogging tip to new aspiring bloggers? Decide what it is you like about the blogs that you follow and use them as your inspiration.
  • Favourite blog? It's a toss up between One Sheepish Girl and Attic 24.
  • Favourite motivational quote? See below
  • Favourite Christmas tradition? It's an accidental tradition, but Santa always knocks over the same dining room chair in his rush to get back up the chimney.
  • Your signature dish? I'm not enough of a grown-up to have a signature dish.
  • Biggest disaster in the kitchen? Setting fire to a baking tray with the grill, setting fire to an oven glove with the hob, most of my baking.
  • What artist/song are you currently listening to? I wish it could be Christmas everyday, sung by myself, over and over in my head.
  • Favourite person and why? Unpredictable but I can't choose between my husband, parents or sisters.
  • Addicted to? Crochet
  • Finish this sentence: "On a regular Friday night you’ll find me…" If I'm in, I'll have fallen asleep on the sofa by 9 o'clock, my 50-ish hour working week means I'm exhausted.  If I'm out, in a cosy pub with friends and a burger.

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I'm not going to tag 11 other bloggers.  This time of year is crazy-busy so I don't want to put anyone under any blogging-related pressure.  However, do take this opportunity to check out some of my favourite blogs on my blog love page and leave me a comment if you'd like your link to be added.  

If you do want to take part in a Sunshine Award post, please feel free to copy and paste the questions below into your post to get you started.
  • Your inspiration? 
  • Favourite colour? 
  • Favourite blog? 
  • Favourite quote? 
  • Ideal three-course-meal? 
  • Your signature dish? 
  • Happiest when? 
  • What artist/song are you currently listening to? 
  • Favourite person? 
  • Addicted to?
  • Ideal holiday?

Just leave me a comment to say that you've tagged yourself; I'd love to pop over and see your answers!

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