Tuesday, 3 December 2013

10 Happy Things 3/12

i) Making a start on my advent crochet project.  All through advent I'm making one Christmas decoration per day to celebrate the big countdown.

ii) Eating the most amazing paella that Steve made with chorizo and a lovely seafood mix.  The bottom was even crunchy!

iii) Designing a crochet boot cuff pattern and wearing them with my new black boots.

iv) Loving Google's doodle on St Andrews Day showing a Loch and various wee Scottish flags and landmarks.

v) Opening the first doors of our advent calendar.  I am more than a little bit excited this year!

vi) Wearing my crochet mittens.  I am getting so many compliments about them.  Granted, the odd person does have a giggle about the fact that I've got them on strings so I don't lose them, but if I can bring a handmade smile to people's faces than that can only be a good things.

vii) Enjoying my new simplified blog layout and all the things that I learnt from attempting to blog every day in November.

viii) Loving this Next Christmas decoration that my mum posted us.   We're currently trying to decide what to buy in terms of a tree - real or fake, what do you think?

ix) Planning out December's posts with pretty colours!

x) Enjoying a trip to London to catch up with friends and lounge about in the Windsor Castle.

What's making you happy this week?

This lovely idea of listing 10 things that have made you happy this week comes from the lovely Cider with Rosie blog.  Go take a peek!

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