Wednesday, 18 December 2013

10 Happy Things 18/12

i) Recovering from five days of the most horrendous tummy bug (these photos are from before I got sick!)

ii) Looking forward to feeling totally better and being able to eat one mahooosive burger and chips!

iii) Watching even more of the Monarch of the Glen box set.

iv) Receiving some lovely Christmas cards from friends and family wishing us well for our first married Christmas.

v) Fixing the html for blog buttons for Daydreams and Sunshine and Tales from Mount Pleasant.  I'm happy to fix yours too!

{see photos}

vi)  Adding a crochet advent decoration for every day that goes by until Christmas.

vii) Drinking out of this paper cup with knitted design...what more could a crafty girl want?

viii) Eating my first mince pie while writing crocheted Christmas cards.

ix) Present wrapping.

x) Decorating our mini Christmas tree, with wee lights, ribbon and a couple of shiny bells.

What's making you happy this week?

This lovely idea of listing 10 things that have made you happy this week comes from the lovely Cider with Rosie blog. Go take a peek!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better, tummy bugs are awful! I would swap buttons with you but I don't know how to make one! I'll have to have a go lol but for now I'll put yours on my blog x

    1. Thank you Hayley. Anthea and I are teaming up in the New Year to create a tutorial for making a button and writing the html so stay tuned for that! x


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