Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What's On My Work-Desk? 20/11 we made's Wednesday once again.  I'm having a better week at work and am not feeling as inhumanely exhausted as I felt last week.  

I've also been snatching an extra 12 minutes of crochet morning and evening during my train journey to work and it's just lovely.  I do get a few confused looks at twenty past seven in the morning though. Has anyone else tried crafting on public transport? 

On my work-desk this week then...

- my current crochet work in progress - a set of mittens.  With the cold weather really upon us, I really can't hook these up fast enough.

- picture from my university reunion, which I went to back in October - I felt so proud of everyone's achievements since uni.  I almost enjoyed this as much as graduation itself!

- my beautifully knitted big knit smoothie hat.

- lovely lip balm for this cold weather.

- my address book that I'm prepping for our Christmas card list.  It's our first Christmas as a married couple so I'm a little bit over-excited about this! 

What's on your work-desk this week?

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1 comment:

  1. I love sending Christmas cards. We've had some made by moo these last few years and I cant wait to get this years sent out...


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