Monday, 4 November 2013

What's In My... Lunch Box?

As you may know I'm currently attempting to blog everyday in November with Elizabeth from Rosalium.  Her prompt for today was "Food Glorious Food".  I've seen many "What's in my handbag?" and "What's in my yarn bag?" posts around the blog world, but never a "What's in my lunch box?" post.

I am definitely not a food blogger - just look at the poor light in the photo below - but I do take pride in my bright pink lunch box and home-prepared lunches.  It really cheers me up when, mid-way through the day, I can pull out a little touch of homemade goodness.

I always have salad leaves on couscous and vary what I have on top depending on what we have in fridge.  I am however looking for inspiration and if any of you lovely #bedn-ers have any wonderful lunch box ideas I'd be most grateful.

What's in your lunch box?  Any suggestions of easy salads/snacks?

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1 comment:

  1. Emma, your lunchbox photo is great. I love how you labelled it. I don't use a lunch box, so I don't have anything to share except maybe a description. My lunch changes each day. It could be a dressed up sandwich, or steamed veggies with meatballs with spicy sauce/seasonings, etc. One thing is for sure... I love to eat raw fruits and veggies. Happy Day!


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