Saturday, 2 November 2013

Weekend Link Love 2/11

I'm now back down South after a fabulously relaxing 5 days up in Scotland.  Things have been hectic to say the least since I switched jobs, moved house, got married all in the space of 8 months, so a few days being looked after by my mummy was just what I needed.

- This week the most wonderful crochet project has caught my eye.  A group of Cambridge WI/bloggers have been busy crocheting plants for an exhibition at the Botanic Gardens.  I realise it sounds bizarre but the photos just make the whole-thing look amazing.  I'd have loved the chance to go and have a look for real, but I'm just going to have make do with the lovely photos at Claireabellemakes and SuzieMakes.

- I've recently been involved in Innocent Smoothies Big Knit.  Go and check out the site here.

- I've been absolutely loving following Caroline Brooks on Pinterest. Some of the outfits she finds are just amazing.

- Finally I'm linking up to Rosalium who is hosting Blog Everyday in November.  I'm really looking forward to a busy blogging month and finding lots more blogs to keep me entertained.

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