Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Round Up

Tiny Pom Poms Tutorial // Pressed Wedding Flowers // Sanderson Cushion Covers // Green Cardigan Yoke (more on this soon) // Crochet Hook Holder (gift for my mum) // Christmas Cards // Crochet Mittens

November's been a busy month on the blog with my attempts to blog every day and then deciding part way through the month to give the look of the blog a bit of an overhaul.  November is definitely a bit of transition month - every year it seems to disappear before it's begun.  Now, I'm looking forward to official winter and the run-up to Christmas properly starting in December!

How has your November been?

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  1. I like your round up collage! Those mittens are just gorgeous, thank you for showing the link to the pattern, these are definitely going on my list of things I must make...
    Marianne x

  2. No problem Marianne, the pattern really isn't too tricky and really effective! x


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