Sunday, 10 November 2013

Handmade Monday: Sanderson Fabric Cushions

Last made I made these lovely bright cushions from this vibrant red Sanderson dandelion clocks fabric. As one of our wedding presents we received this amazing lamp and shade from John Lewis.  I loved the vibrant pattern and fabric and was tempted by some matching cushions.

However, there as more or less no way that I would £60 on a pair of cushions.  Not when I have a sewing machine and access to the wonderful world of eBay.  I searched around for the Sanderson dandelion clocks fabric, which is available at John Lewis for £39 a metre.  In the end I found two sqaure remnants which on eBay for just £5.10 including postage.

 Snuggling up with my new cushions // Cushions with view of lamp

I had originally decided to try and use a piped seam at the edges but due to the lack of Sanderson fabric I had I decided to keep it simple.  I used fabric from a fleece throw from Wilkinsons for the back and went for a simple envelope opening.

Pair of Sanderson cushions from John Lewis = £60
Total cost of homemade Sanderson cushions = £12.10
Sanderson fabric = £5.10
Postage = £1.50
Cushion pads = £1.35 x 2 = £2.70
Total saving = £47.90

Yes, these cushions are not quite perfect quality and need a bit of plumping up more often than perhaps the John Lewis ones would but I'm pretty proud of them really.  Who needs perfection anyway?

What have you been making this Handmade Monday?

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  1. Your cushions look lovely a great match to your lamp. They look perfect to me. Thanks for visiting my blog. Ali x

  2. Nice work finding the fabric on ebay. I can't quite believe the cost of it - £39 a metre! Your cushions look lovely.
    Claire xx

  3. I love the design on the fabric, and agree £39 is a bit much. Clever you.

  4. They have turned out lovely, and just think how smug you can be when you snuggle int them!

  5. I think I'd have fainted at £39 per metre! Well done for putting the internet to great use - they look gorgeous.


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