Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Great Blog: The Perfect Hiding Place

One of the aspects of blogging that I enjoy most is coming across other lovely like-minded bloggers and their blogs.  Since starting blogging, I've been lucky enough to find a whole network of friendly, welcoming craft bloggers.  One such blogger is Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place.

Image from The Perfect Hiding Place

The Perfect Hiding Place

Jo's blog is wonderful, colourful and creative.  I got in touch with her originally to swap blog buttons and she could not have been more friendly.  From her emails and blog posts, you just get this sense that she loves blogging, colour and all things creative.  She blogs about all sorts of creative projects.  There's a fair amount of crochet thrown into the mix, which I love.  She also blogs about her nail-painting adventures and other creative projects such as this amazing Babygro monkey

Image from The Perfect Hiding Place

My Favourite Recent Post

Each month Jo writes a round up post, which includes things that made her smile, her new discoveries and obsessions from the last month.  These posts give a snapshot of her lovely, happy, creative life and I adore reading them.  This month she even featured EmmaMade, which I am delighted about and so grateful for.

Image from The Perfect Hiding Place

Jo kindly gave me permission to use her screen grabs to brighten up this post.  Go and have a look at her blog The Perfect Hiding Place!

I always love discovering new blogs.  If you think I'd enjoy yours, please add you link in the comments section!

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  1. Thanks SO much Emma, this is really kind of you to feature my blog and say such nice things. x

  2. Sounds like a nice blog - I'll have to go and check it out. Thanks Emma. :)


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