Saturday, 30 November 2013

Blog Every Day November: The Review

How I got on

  • ....errrr....well.  Let's just say I absolutely tried my best.  
  • I managed 24 days out of 30
  • I found some other really great bloggers. Nik, Jojo and Claire, I'm talking to you!
  • I loved reading other people's posts and seeing different people's takes on the same topic.

What I learnt

  • Blogging everyday is tough.  It takes organisation, stamina and creativity.
  • Sometimes I don't feel like blogging and that's OK.
  • Nothing bad happens if you miss a post.
  • I love posting about things that make me happy as well as crafty projects.

What's next

After a bit of an impromptu blog overhaul, I have lots of plans for tweaking the way I blog.  Here's a wee snapshot of what you can expect over the coming month.

How did blogging every day in November go for you?

A big thank you to Elizabeth from Rosalium for organising this!

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