Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What's On My Work-Desk? 23/10

It's hump-day of an extremely busy week at work here and I'm currently writing this from my phone as I make a large batch of spag bol.

I'm finding it tough blogging as much as I would like at the moment. I'm still crafting away in the evenings but my head is swimming with crafty ambitions that these busy weeks of work are not allowing me to fulfil.

Here's a glimpse if my desk as I link up with Stamping Ground for WOYWW.

- Notebook and spotty pencil to try and keep tabs of all my crafty ambitions.

- Tartan ribbon - I'm trying to decide what to use it for.

- My current works in progress - hats for the Innocent Big Knit in aid of Age UK. I was so excited too find out from Bunny Mummy's blog that crocheted hats are as acceptable as knitted! Most of you will know how I like a good charity crochet project.

- My crochet hook holder has hardly closed over the last couple of weeks what with ripple blankets, cardigans and monkey faces to be completed!

What is on your work-desk?

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  1. Wonderful crocheting, they look great.
    You have a Beautiful blog really enjoyed looking at your handmade Wedding Ideas too :)
    Have a Beautiful week - Heather #82 WOYWW

  2. Love the little hats, how cute =) x

  3. Very nice place to work... everything near to work.
    Happy week..

  4. Busy lady! Love the spotty pencil, and maybe Christmas cards/new year cards with the tartan ribbon? Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xx

  5. Brilliant idea Shaz, thank you! x


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