Friday, 4 October 2013

Weekend Link Love 4/10

Hello and welcome to the weekend everyone!  I'm heading up to York this weekend.  I'm heading up by train straight after work and I am more than a little bit excited.  I love a good train journey for reading, relaxing and generally having a bit of a chill.

I've managed to avoid the C-word so far on this blog, but this week I am slowly, casually begin to turn my mind towards Christmas presents.  As a result two of my lovely links for this week are gift-related.

Joanna from Adventures and Tea Parties has written a lovely post about crafted gifts for guys and shared her latest additions to her shop.

I've also been really enjoying having a wee nosey at some of the happenings at Yarndale (Skipton's festival of craft) last weekend.  There are some particularly lovely photographs on Rachell's blog, Heather's blog and on Jacquie's blog.

Finally I've found the most charming embroidery hoop project on Kate's Crafts on Sea blog.  Go and have a look!

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  1. Oh!! I started Christmas things already as I am making some gifts, so needed to start early he he :) Hope you have a good weekend in York!


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