Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tutorial: How to Make a Removable Notebook Cover

Last weekend I spent a couple of hours curled on the sofa making this removable notebook cover for my school diary.  The inspiration for this was Emma's #craftblogchallenge for September.  I decided to cover my diary to cheer myself up at work with some happy, crafty goodness.  I opted for a removable cover so hopefully I can use it year after year.

You will need:

- rectangle of fabric (enough to cover notebook + overlap)
- embroidery needle and thread
- embroidery hoop
- needle and thread for stitching fabric together
- pinking shears
- pins
- tailor's chalk

1. Place the diary on the fabric and line it up.
2. Open up the diary and cut round it with pinking sheers leaving a border of about 6cm.  Cut a v shape into the spine of the book as shown.
3. Fold over the overlap and pin into place.
4.  Check the book still closes and then stitch in place so the pin can be removed.

5.  Draw a design of your choice on the front of the fabric.
6. Take the cover off the book by folding the cover back on itself.  Using an embroidery hoop and an embroidery needle and thread, backstitch over the pattern.
7. Keep going until your design is complete.
8. Remove from hoop, place back on book and marvel at your own talent.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, if you do end up using it or adapting it please do leave a comment.  I do love to hear about everyone's handiwork.

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