Saturday, 7 September 2013

Weekend Link Love 6/9

Happy weekend readers.  Today I'm mostly relaxing, crocheting, eating and pottering about the house.  It's been just what I needed after my first week back at work and copious amounts of wine last night.  Oops.

Here's some of the lovely things I've managed to spot round the internet over the last few days.

1.  One of my facebook friends shared this beautiful cake from Kelly's Cake Kitchen in Wimborne.  Isn't it just the most creative you've ever seen?!

2.  Meredith at One Sheepish Girl is hosting a flowery 'yarn drop' on her blog.

3.  Look at this beautiful Pinterest board, crammed full of romantic, floaty skirts and girlie dresses.

4.  Emma at Life is Peachy hosted the first  on Tuesday night and it was a resounding success.  Join us again this Tuesday at 7pm.

5.  Have a read of this thought-provoking post by Tilly about sewing for your own style.

What's been capturing your imagination this week?

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