Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Handmade Wedding: Marks and Spencer Cake Decorations

With lots of people looking to budget on certain aspects of their big day, it seems more and more people are going down the Marks and Spencer wedding cake route.

I have to say, the sponge and fruit wedding cakes both taste absolutely amazing and since our wedding I have bought sample bars of the fruit flavour just so I can have another little taste.  Going on taste, I cannot recommend Marks and Spencer wedding cakes enough.

Assemble It Yourself

If you want to opt for different flavours of cake in each layer, you have to go for the basic M&S cake option and then ask your florist to decorate it or better still decorate it yourself.

There is a really helpful video about how to assemble the cake but I did find that there wasn't a great deal of advice about how to decorate a Marks and Spencer wedding cake out there on the internet.


The first thing to say is that each tier of cake is not particularly tall at 5.5cm.  Really, if you are going for an M&S cake and are envisaging a tall cake you need to assemble with pillars between the tiers. Without the pillars a three tier cake will be just 16.5cm tall.

Florist Decorated

For the top and in between the tiers a lot of people ask their florist to also decorate their cake.  Ask about the cost of this, as I know from a friends' experience that this can add a fair amount to your flower bill.

Decorate It Yourself

Having sketched a design of beaded wiring in a wedding magazine, my mum offered to have a go at re-creating it.  After chatting to the lovely, helpful ladies in Bead Crazy, she set to work experimenting.

... and came up with this...

The ribbon had beads stitched onto it which matched the beads on the cake topper.  The ribbon just sat over the M&S cake ribbon and was fastened with double-sided sticky tape.  The cake topper was simply stuck straight into the top tier with a bit of wire.

Polystyrene Bases

One major tip, which I know helped my mum, would be to buy polystyrene bases so you can practise and experiment in advance of the day.

As always, do let me know if this post was helpful at all...and if you too are opting for an M&S wedding cake I'd love to hear from you!

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