Friday, 2 August 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Handmade Wedding Dresses

I cannot believe it's just a week and a day until Steve and I are getting married.  This last couple of months has absolutely flown by.

An ambition of mine used to be to make my own wedding dress.  I guess I thought that I'd be proposed to a bit later in life and by that time I'd by an accomplished dress maker and seamstress.  Who wouldn't want a handmade wedding dress given the pictures below....

Both Etsy via Pinterest

...and to walk down the aisle with people whispering ..."...she made it you know...". the dream.

Alas, Steve got in there and proposed too quickly.  Instead, I've spent our engagement making just about anything and everything I can for the wedding.  If I couldn't make the dress, I was determined to make lots of other things to compensate!

I am absolutely delighted with the dress I ended up with.  Luckily I found it just a few days into being engaged, which meant that I didn't even contemplate trying to learn to dress-make in time for the wedding.

Maybe once we're married...

Do you know anyone who has worn a handmade wedding dress?


  1. love these! so excited for next Saturday and I can't wait to see your dress!

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