Sunday, 4 August 2013

Handmade Monday: Crochet Hook Roll

Welcome to Handmade Monday!  You can find out what Handmade Monday is and see other people's Handmade Monday projects at Handmade Harbour.

You may remember a recent post showing some lovely crochet hook rolls from Pinterest.

Over the last week or so I've been working on my very own crochet hook roll, based on a pattern for a make up brush holder from: Girls' Night In: Crafts, Cakes and Cocktails for the Ultimate Party by Hannah Read-Baldrey.

I'm really pleased with the end product as well as the fact that last week I found two more of my crochet hooks down the back of my sofa.

It's not perfect, but it definitely has a handmade charm to it.

What project are you proud of this Handmade Monday?

*NB Links for Girls' Night In link to my Amazon Associates account.*


  1. Looks good to me and will stop them disappearing off down the side of the sofa! Love the ribbon particularly.

  2. Hi Emma, glad to see you've been enjoying the book. I love your hook roll, especially those beautiful bright fabrics :) I loose so many hooks down the sofa - I've also been known to loose them in my hair :)) Em xx

  3. This is a great idea. You are very talented and I'm sure it will be a very useful item to use.

  4. Very nice finish to it that pink bow! They are very useful as all your hooks stay in one place!

  5. What a lovely place to keep all your hooks together, I love all the different fabrics you've used too.

  6. It's surprising what you can find down the back of a sofa, hopefully this will stop more hooks from disappearing.

    Jan x

  7. These are sooooo useful. I made one for myself a little while ago, and I know exactly where all my hooks are now, it is so satisfying :) Love your red and white spotty fabric :)

  8. Love your roll. I really must make myself one as I'm sick of loosing my crocheting hooks. I too lost one down the sofa. It fell down the gap between the cushion and the arm - never to be seen again.... xx

  9. well done on your sewing! mine wouldnt look better!
    what counts is an idea and its good to have a nice storage "gadget"
    i should consider making my own!


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