Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Round Up

So...hi everyone! Did I mention that I got married this month?!  There will be lots more about the wedding crafts coming to EmmaMade soon, but in the mean time here are some of the projects I've featured this month.

Luggage label place cards by myself, mum and sisters // Crochet and fabric centrepieces also by myself, mum and sisters // Pearl bracelet with vintage style clasp by my mum // Tutorial for a fabric flower (as shown in centrepiece) // Crochet pattern for mini flowers // Crochet hook roll // Guest post about peg dolls by Buttons and Paint

Enjoy your sunny Saturday folks!

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Back to School

With the beginning of term looming, I thought I'd take a wee peek at some of the imaginative goodies that are available on Etsy to help with the shock of a new school year.

Genius reusable chalkboard labels by BradensGrace

Cute wee crochet apple cozy by yarninbunches

 A trip down memory lane with these notebooks made from upcycled Pokemon cards by StalkingMarla

Glamorous grey and white chvron pencil case with pink bow by NipponEki

Funky personalised lunch bag by MongrammedGiftShop

For me today is a last-ditch effort to finish all my lesson planning and data analysis so that I can spend the last week of my holidays chilling out, pottering about and maybe even getting my craft on.

On that subject,  I had some lovely responses to my last post.  Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas, it's lovely how enthusiastic crafty-types are to share inspiration.

What's inspiring you at the moment?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What's On My Work-Desk? 28/8

Find out what's happening on others' desks here for What's on My Work-Desk Wednesday.

Here it is... not so crafty work space.

With just a few days to go until the beginning of term, crafting is slightly taking a back-seat once again while I frantically prep for the start of school.

I really want to pick up my crochet hook or needle and thread and make something pretty but my brain is just not in it.

I'd love some inspiration for some quick and easy mini-craft projects I can do to keep me going during this busy time... you have any ideas?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Post Wedding Craft Pleasure

So this is it....I'm back from honeymoon!  Both the wedding and honeymoon were amazing and I think totally exceeded both of our expectations.

Now we're settling back into our flat after a couple of weeks away and I have to say I have now discovered a hidden benefit of crafting for your wedding day...afterwards you get to look at all the pretty handmade goodies!

 Handmade centrepiece made from wool and fabric // Pearl bracelet with vintage-style fastening from Bead Crazy made by my lovely mum

Our place setting cards - caligraphy by my lovely mum //  Another view of a wonderful centrepiece

And another view of a wonderful centrepiece // Handmade bunting now attached to the base of our bed made by my lovely mum

I've got lots more wedding craft posts in the pipeline so be prepared to see more of these shots.

In the meantime check out how to make one of the fabric flowers shown above in this post or the fabric pom poms features in this centrepiece over in this guest post.

Have you been to any DIY weddings recently?  What ideas did you like?

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tutorial: How to Make Simple Fabric Flowers

This is a scheduled post as I'm currently on honeymoon.

I am currently hopefully sunning myself in Italy and enjoying a week and a bit of honeymoon bliss. While I'm away I wanted to show you how to make one of the flowers that I used in the homemade centrepieces that you got a glimpse of a few days back.

You will need:

4 wee scraps of fabric, cut into circles
A few wee beads
A needle and thread

How to:

1.  Cut the four circles into rough flower shapes.  It really doesn't matter how neat as you are going to burn the edges anyway.  Make sure they are cut to four different sizes.

2.  Gently hold the circles over a tealight, try not to actually set fire to the fabric otherwise you will get burn marks.  The fabric should melt and the edges will curl.

3.  Lay the circles on top of one another with the biggest on the bottom and the smallest on the top.

4.  Sew together with a few stitches in the centre and thread on the beads to cover your stitches.

And that's it!  I love the curled edges and the fact you get to melt them with a tealight!

What fabric flowers have you enjoyed making?

Monday, 12 August 2013

5 Tips for a DIY Wedding

Image from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Give yourself plenty of time.

I absolutely love making things but for me the fun is taken away if there is pressure to get projects finished.  Plan what you are going to make months before and plan to finish long before the wedding.  Trust me the month before the wedding you will have plenty of other things to think about other than crafting.

Decide your theme/colour scheme early on.

This helps you to plan your wedding craft projects and start sourcing your materials nice and early.  It also helps you to tie all your crafts together with an underpinning theme.

Get a team of willing volunteers around you.

This for me was a no brainer.  Not only can you split the work, but you motivate each other to get things done months in advance, which can only be a good thing.  Making things with my mum and sisters also gave us a chance to spend quality time together.  Perfect!

Use the internet for inspiration

There's a wealth of ideas out there.  Just search on google or on Pinterest for homemade wedding ideas.  I have a pinboard for handmade wedding goodies here.

Know when enough is enough.

I'm not a craft perfectionist but it's easy with wedding crafts to keep tweaking in order to achieve something that is 'perfect' for your big day. Embrace the homemade quality of your makes and make sure that you spend a bit of time before the wedding concentrating on a non-wedding craft project to help you relax.

This is a scheduled post as I'm heading off for honeymoon today!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I'm Married...

...and here's the first wee glimpse of the wedding centrepieces all ready to go!!  More on the wedding once I'm back from honeymoon.

This is a scheduled post for obvious reasons :-P

Friday, 9 August 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Navy Wedding

This is a scheduled post as I'm a bit busy today.

It's tomorrow!  The wedding is tomorrow.  Just to get everyone in the mood, here are some beautiful things to feast your eyes on.

Can you guess the colour scheme?!

Navy Wedding

Image sources found here

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Having Fun with Peg Dolls!

With just a few days to go, wedding planning is taking over life a little.  Simi and Sian kindly offered to do a guest post for me and I could not have been more delighted with what they sent.  I'm sure you will agree that the photos are gorgeous and I'm more than a bit jealous of their time having fun together making these gorgeous peg dolls.


Hello, we're Simi and Sian from Buttons and Paint...Emma recently did a fab guest post for us about Fabric Pompoms and we were delighted when she asked us to do one in return.

Recently we were given a bag of wooden pegs, complete with pipe cleaner arms, which gave us the perfect excuse to release our inner child and make some peg dolls! If you wanted to make your own, you could drill a hole and thread a pipe cleaner through.

We started by painting the pegs in a variety of skin shades using a mix of model paints.

Once they were dry, we let our imagination run wild and set about decoration them with various fabrics, threads and accessories from our combined stash.  They looked great but there was something missing - some creative staging of course!! Here's what we came up with...

A snowy Princess...

Mermaids chilling in the sea....

A girls' shopping trip, complete with a bored boy standing on the side (he looks quite happy though!)...

Mexican men who may have had a bit too much tequilla....

We had great fun making these and the possibilities for different outfits are endless! We can't wait to make some more! They could also be adapted for different occasions, to give as gifts, or as party or Christmas tree decorations.

Thanks again to Emma for the opportunity to do a guest post. We hope your readers like it!! xx


Thank you Simi and Sian, I feel so proud to have hosted this beautiful post. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Handmade Monday: Crochet Hook Roll

Welcome to Handmade Monday!  You can find out what Handmade Monday is and see other people's Handmade Monday projects at Handmade Harbour.

You may remember a recent post showing some lovely crochet hook rolls from Pinterest.

Over the last week or so I've been working on my very own crochet hook roll, based on a pattern for a make up brush holder from: Girls' Night In: Crafts, Cakes and Cocktails for the Ultimate Party by Hannah Read-Baldrey.

I'm really pleased with the end product as well as the fact that last week I found two more of my crochet hooks down the back of my sofa.

It's not perfect, but it definitely has a handmade charm to it.

What project are you proud of this Handmade Monday?

*NB Links for Girls' Night In link to my Amazon Associates account.*

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Crochet Pattern: Mini Flowers

Since finding a whole load of lovely crochet motiffs on Pinterest, I've been busy making lots of these little flowers.  They have been a great wee project for a time which is filled with last minute wedding planning.  I also used them to make a whole load of thank you cards for the end of term.

My pattern consists of just two rounds.  I use 3mm hook and embroidery thread.

Abbreviations (UK)

dc - double crochet
ch - chain
st - stitch 
hk - hook
fo - fasten off


Round 1: Ch2 (counts as one dc), 9dc in 2nd ch from hk.  Join with sl st.
Round 2: *Ch2. Tr and htr into next st. Sl st into next ch.* Repeat from * to * four more times.

These cute wee flowers are an absolute joy to make and would be great for hair clips, cards or customising clothes.  As always if you use one of my patterns, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.  I love to hear from you.

I'm heading up to Scotland in a couple of days for the final wedding preparations.  I absolutely cannot wait now! x

Friday, 2 August 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Handmade Wedding Dresses

I cannot believe it's just a week and a day until Steve and I are getting married.  This last couple of months has absolutely flown by.

An ambition of mine used to be to make my own wedding dress.  I guess I thought that I'd be proposed to a bit later in life and by that time I'd by an accomplished dress maker and seamstress.  Who wouldn't want a handmade wedding dress given the pictures below....

Both Etsy via Pinterest

...and to walk down the aisle with people whispering ..."...she made it you know...". the dream.

Alas, Steve got in there and proposed too quickly.  Instead, I've spent our engagement making just about anything and everything I can for the wedding.  If I couldn't make the dress, I was determined to make lots of other things to compensate!

I am absolutely delighted with the dress I ended up with.  Luckily I found it just a few days into being engaged, which meant that I didn't even contemplate trying to learn to dress-make in time for the wedding.

Maybe once we're married...

Do you know anyone who has worn a handmade wedding dress?

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